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green card through marriage

Percy I. - Miami, FL

“…i filed out the INS forms myself in the past for getting the green card, i didn’t feel like doing all that paperwork again, so as soon as i found out about Skip Lawyer and the services they offer, i took their service for the Naturalizacion case, everything went out perfectly…”

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Francisco & Svetlana Bolognesi from Scottsdale, AZ

“I cannot begin to tell you how ecstatic I am to have my fiancé here with me in the states! It seems like we’ve been waiting a lifetime for this special moment. I know the process is complicated but please know that we appreciate the hard work you put into our case. Thank you so much!”

usa fiance visa


“Hi first of all i thank you so much for helping me getting my citizenship. Now i am on my way on getting my finger prints done this coming Wednesday. You just don’t know how much i appreciate your help. Your company has no drama whatsoever everything went so smooth for me so far.Once again thank you so much Jorge more power to you…”

green card

Perla & Family from Lufkin, TX

“My siblings and I left our country and our parents fifteen years ago to find a better life. We all became naturalized US Citizens, thanks to you, and as a result, we were able to make our parents legal residents and reunite the entire family. Thank you, this means a lot to us.”

Oscar A. - Covina, CA

“…I’ve been having a terrible time trying to figure out how to fill out the USCIS forms myself, I mailed a request for a I-94 three months ago, i just received it. Definetely I’ll use the services of Skip Lawyer because now I know I’ll save plenty of time…”

green card through marriage

Peter T. - San Diego, CA

“…by working with Skip Lawyer, my wife and I were able to obtain our green cards. Everything went great. Thanks again.”

Juan C. - San Francisco, CA

“…Skip Lawyer is the best!! I didn’t have to worry about anything, they put all my paperwork together so i can change my legal status…I’ll recommend Skip Lawyer to all my friends and family!…”

uscis green card

Samantha K. - New York, NY

“…I had a hard time trying to fill out all these forms needed to file my case, then a friend of mine told me about and they did it for me and I didn’t waste my time…..thanks Skip Lawyer!…”

Eduardo M. from Pinellas Park, FL

“My life is not the same now that I have my wife here with me from Nicaragua. Thanks a lot for helping me get through the process; I couldn’t have done this alone. And now, thanks to you, I am no longer alone, I’m with my beautiful wife!”

Ashley & Miguel L. from Rock Hill, SC

“It was a huge relief to know that my husband could get a green card even though he entered the country illegally. I love my husband dearly and I don’t know what our child and I would have done if he had to go back to his homeland. Thank you very much for everything you did for our family.”

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Gloria & Angel from Costa Mesa, CA

“My husband and I live so much happier now that he has a work permit and a green card. He is finally able to have a job and help pay for our bills, which lifts so much weight off my shoulders. I was skeptical at first, but I was incredibly wrong because you helped us so much. Thank you.”

Richard & Dayana from Owenton, KY

“I can now wake up in the morning and look at my stunning fiancé, who thanks to you was able to come to America from her native Panama. I am so happy because we will be marrying soon and of course because she is expecting the child I always wanted. Gracias!”

Ghanim M. from Dorchester, MA

“I am incredibly thankful for the hard work and dedication you put forth in my case to help remove conditions on my green card. I was actually very frustrated because I didn’t know what to do or where to start. Once again, thank you for saving me so much money and time.”

k1 fiance visa

Fayruz Y. from Greenbelt, MD

“I thank your company for helping me become a US Citizen. I also thank your company for helping me bring my brothers to America and make them legal. Our parents are no longer with us but we are very thankful and happy now because we have each other.”

legal immigration

Raul from Redwood City, CA

“Visiting my fiancé in India was great but not being able to take her home with me to California was awful. Thank you for saving me money and making the process easy for me. We look forward to taking many pictures together but instead we’d like the Status of Liberty in the background.”

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