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The SkipTheLawyer Green Card Through Marriage program is a “peace of mind service” that will remove the worry and fear out of the entire process of getting a Green Card.

Here are some of the main reasons why our service is the best for your immigration case:

  • We take care of everything for you. From beginning to end you don’t have to worry about the tedious paperwork, we do it for you.
  • We save you 70% in service fees; compare to regular local immigration office attorney. We charge only $795 because we don’t charge you for an office fee or an attorney fee.
  • We have a very clean record with the Better Business Bureau which we are proud to show, just click on its logo located in the right sidebar.
  • We assign you a personal immigration consultant who will be the same person doing your case from beginning to end! A real human being you can call anytime directly for any question or concern you might have.
  • We have done over 5000 cases in the last past 5 years and with a 97% approval rate.

We know how to do it RIGHT!

We guarantee that EVERYBODY, using our full service program will have their case reviewed properly, processed correctly and filed on time. You pay us to ensure it’s done right! Remember, one mistake on a single form can cause your case to be instantly rejected by the U.S. Government. We have processed thousands of cases just like yours and we have a 97% approval rate!

We use only the most accurate and current official information to process your cases.

The beauty of our service is that it cuts out all the time consuming research and planning you will have to endure on your own, and presents you only the information you need. Our consultants will speak to you in a very clear language, so anybody can understand exactly what is going on. The best part is that you will SAVE THOUSANDS of hard earned dollars using our service.

We will provide you with specific information about:

  • What forms we will fill out on your behalf. Everything will be sent directly to you for your personal signature and approval.
  • What additional evidence and paperwork you need to include with your application and how much the government will require for each application to be filed.
  • We will provide you an overview of the whole process and what can you expect at each step of the way, so you don’t stay in the dark and always know exactly what is going on, and how long everything is going to take.
  • Where you should send the application, depending on what state you live in. Everything is clearly marked so you know EXACTLY what to do.
  • We will send to you a list of secret questions they might ask you at the official marriage interview. This is where the government ensures that your marriage is legitimate by asking you all sorts of tricky questions.
  • A list of approved resources we have identified to check processing times and the status of your application.

There is NO better, faster or more secure immigration document processing service available!

Call us today for your free one on one, personal, in-depth consultation! You’ll be glad you did!

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We are not the associated with the U.S. government and we do not sell forms. Forms are free and you can get them here:

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We do not provide our services to residents of North Carolina. The services we provide can only be done by a licensed attorney or a non-profit, BIA-certified representative in NC.

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